P-H Interior Designs

Give your home a look like never before! Allow us to bring your ideas into reality – keeping the personalised touch intact. All our efforts are directed towards ensuring your home mirrors who you are. After all, your home should be a reflection of your personality!

Everything Customized to YOU

A dash of our creativity to your originality! Our designing team takes every need, requirement and idea put forth by you into consideration, adds a bit of sparkle to it and there you go – a beautiful, cosy home – exactly as what you had wished for!

Hand Painted Furnitures

How about a home with colour-coordinated furniture that gives your home a different dimension altogether? Seems to be a great idea to brighten up your home and give it a breezy, unique look!

Architectural Murals

Where to place them, how to place them or should you even place them? Don’t worry we’re here to help you out! Adorn your home with strategically placed murals and see the magic!

Indoor/Outdoor Murals

Who says only everything within the four walls is eligible for decoration? Break free of traditional ideas and get let the creativity flow outside your home too!

Our Work

We’re a highly talented team that’s brimming with creativity. And we all love furnishing and decorating spaces – and this love and passion reflects in the work we do. Always up with a bunch of unique, innovative ideas, we’re always on the lookout for a space where we can implement them!

From The Blog

Home Furniture Using Pallets DIY Ideas

Home furniture using pallets can be a good idea when you want to add inexpensive furniture for your home. Wooden pallets are mostly used since they are common in shipping and storing large items. You can easily obtain them and very resourceful when it comes to DIY...

Pallet Decorating Ideas for Home Project

How to Start Pallet Decorating Ideas? You can find thousands of pallet decorating ideas over the internet using the reclaimed wood. A project that you can start for home decoration, gardening, outdoor and even for your furniture. What you need is to know what type of...

What is Contemporary Design?

what is contemporary design? If you’re an expert in interior design, you might have a very good idea of interior design and everything it can bring to your home. If you’re new to the game of decorating though, you’ll have to learn about the shift between aesthetics...

Interior Decorating Ideas for Your Home

What does your home mean to you? Is it just another place you live in, or is it your haven, a place that you make memories in, a place that makes you feel happy.  Based on your answer, you’d know how to treat your home design, both inside and outside. in this post we...

Home Decorating Ideas to Modernize Your Home

There are two elements of design which add up to precisely what it means to have a well-designed home, and that is to keep the traditional architecture of your home associated with your design techniques, along with staying true to the very roots of your home. in this...

Different Types of Interior Design Styles

Interior design can be many things. It can start off with having a fun idea, and then progress into something far more exciting and lucrative than you ever would’ve thought. in this post we will discuss the Types of Interior Design Styles If you’re looking to decorate...

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