Windows are an important part of the house. You have to make sure that having it also compliments your home. A good window can be a good asset to a house.

But it is also essential to have window treatments that are both functional and has the right decoration. Having a good one can add a statement to your house. But how will you be able to dress your window? If you are not sure about this task, you might need some expert tips. Below are some helpful tips you can do with your windows treatments.


a. Privacy

Privacy is important when considering windows treatment. The most popular and expensive are using sheer curtains. Sheer types are easy to find and comes in various colors. It allows a roomy feeling but they are not a good choice for a bedroom and bathroom.

b. Ready or custom made?

Ready-made cost is less than the custom-made drapes. A custom-made can cost up to a hundred of dollars each. This depends on the design and fabric you will choose.

c. Tips

Make sure there is a uniformity when it comes to the overall design. But it does not mean you have to match each color and design perfectly. As long as the entire decor does not clash, you can play a little around.


a. Lighting
If you don’t want to have too much light entering your bedroom, you need to choose heavy or dark drapes. You can tone down the light that can be ideal for sleeping during daylight.

b. Fabric
If the room gets light often, you need to choose a fabric that is resistant to fading, one example is cotton or any cotton blends. Some materials such as silk often require special care and are prone to fading due to sunlight. If you want less expensive and easy to maintain fabric, choose bamboo or wood shades.

c. Use Old Curtains
You can remake old or out of style curtains you have. You can some old vintage patterns from flat sheets or apron. There are so many creative ideas you can make out of an old sheet.


a. Type of shade
You need to know what type of shade your window needs. For windows who are not square in shape, you need to choose an outside mount shade. An inside mount shade is ideal if you have a recessed window.

b. Measuring Window
Buying shades require precise measurement than curtains. Measure windows should at least close to 1/8 inches. Make sure you also measure the depths.


a. Take Photo
It helps when you take a photo of your window when you are going to buy for a curtain. You can show it to the sales lady to help you find the appropriate curtain. For accuracy, measure the window from top to bottom and lengthwise.

b. Width
You have to measure the window width as well as the trim. For a full closure of the window, buy a curtain that has twice the width of your window.


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