If you’re doing a home renovation or building a project, one of the necessary expenses you will have to make is hiring a general contractor. Since they are professionals who have the experience and expertise in doing these kinds of projects, they can help you with your project in several ways. For one, they can help you set a realistic budget. They can manage the entire project and keep up with the schedule. This allows you to focus on other things since your contractors will be the one handling any unexpected issues that may happen.

The Costs Involved When Hiring a General Contractor

General contractor fees usually vary depending on the work involved as well as how much is the rate of services in your area. Generally, general contracting services can cost you $300 to $400 per day. Some will also charge an hourly rate which ranges from $50 to $100 an hour. Some also charge a flat fee depending on what both parties agreed on the contract.

Here are the costs involved when hiring a general contractor.

1.       Pre-construction planning

Before even starting your project, you may still not have a general idea of how much budget you should set. Hiring a general contractor will allow you to plan it ahead and set a budget. For instance, a general contractor will survey your property and suggest which area is the best site to construct your home. These pre-construction planning are services offered by the general contractor and most of the time, they are not free. They are usually the factors you should consider when you’re hiring a general contractor.

2.       Design services

Oftentimes, general contractors provide some design services. This is helpful to clients who need help in creating plans. While design services are usually done by designing firms, general contractors may also suggest one especially if it can be done. Generally, this is not included in the cost of hiring a general contractor so it is one of the factors that may be added.

3.       Post construction services

After a project is constructed, some general contractors also offer post-construction services such as home maintenance which involves inspection and maintenance of the property. Usually, they will send out crews to return to the property and help clients with any issues that could happen right after the construction or project. Depending on the contract or agreement that you signed up for, this can be an additional cost added to your general contractor.

4.       Project size

The size of your project is one of the main factors involved with the cost of hiring a general contractor. They will have to assess your property and see how much work needs to be done. They will estimate how many people will be working on the site and how long it’s going to take.

5.       Experience

If the general contractor has already worked on projects similar to yours, they can actually raise their rates as they already have the knowledge and expertise for it. Experience is a big factor that can affect the cost of hiring a general contractor.