Wallpaper or Paint for Your Walls? Even though the paint is known as a more old-school type of decorative cover for the walls of one’s home, it still exists to this very day. Moreover, it is becoming far more popular to implement in our homes.

Whether you’re planning to update the walls of your home, whether wallpaper looks nice or adds a traditional element to your home. Or not, you still must weigh in the pros and cons of both wallpaper and paint.

Advantages and disadvantages of either all refer to the selection of which type of wallpaper or paint you choose. The cost thereof, the installation, durability, and its popularity in rentals if you decide to rent it out to somebody else.

Since you don’t change your wallpaper or paint your walls on a regular basis, due to the cost, you should especially weigh in the pros and cons. Also, know that whichever you choose for one room, doesn’t have to be the case for the other at all. You can easily add both to your home.

What to Consider, Before Choosing Wallpaper or Paint

The Cost

When you compare the cost of wallpaper and paint, of course, you’ll find that wallpaper tends to be far more expensive than paint. This is because it must be installed by a professional. With paint, on the other hand, you could do it yourself.

Even though it’s a more traditional way of decorating your home, wallpaper comes in many different types of materials. This also allows for more cost-effective designs to be introduced to your home. Another thing is, the cheaper you go with wallpaper, the less quality there is, and it shows.

Painting instead of using wallpaper has a lot fewer upfront costs for both supplies and paint. This also depends on the type of finish you’ll require for the paint.

Selecting Wallpaper or Paint

While wallpaper might be more fun to use and comes in a variety of different options and pattern, paint only has different colors to choose from.

To reduce costs, you can paint the entire interior of the rooms in your home, and only choose one or two walls, or a wall and a room, to decorate with wallpaper. Adding a geometric pattern onto one of your entertainment-room walls could add a lot of character to your home.


When it comes to adding wallpaper to the walls of your home, it needs to be done by a professional, which might cost you more in general. When it comes to painting, however, you can apply it yourself.


Even though wallpaper is more expensive than paint, it lasts up to three times longer and is also washable, while some paints’ quality and color might wear off after time. Where wallpaper lasts an incredible 15 years, paint only lasts 5 to 10 years.

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