Home furniture using pallets can be a good idea when you want to add inexpensive furniture for your home. Wooden pallets are mostly used since they are common in shipping and storing large items. You can easily obtain them and very resourceful when it comes to DIY design and decor.

Home Furniture Using Pallets DIY Ideas1. Wood Pallet Table for Dining

You can create a table using four wood pallets. You can out the table outside or inside your house. It is simple and has rustic look addition for your furniture. You can choose the size you want for your table and the design once you are building it. Make sure you pick wooden pallets that are not yet chemically treated. You can finish your work using a deck sealer, wax and oil to add weatherproofing and durability.

2. Simple Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

It is easy-to-build home furniture using a wooden pallet. It is only made of two pallets stacked and then screwed together. You can also add some caster at the bottom and then you have now your coffee table. You can create not just one but more coffee table that you want with matching designs. You can paint them also on a matching colour. This piece of furniture is an excellent way to put not just your coffee but also books or magazines and everything you want to store there while sipping your coffee.

3. Wooden Style Computer Desk

If you want to have a computer desk that is perfectly fit not just for your laptop but other things you want to put, you can build one using a wooden pallet. For this piece of furniture, you will need not just a pallet but also four sturdy legs and a sheet of plywood. It’s an easy and inexpensive DIY project that you can make in your spare time.

4. Cozy Pallet Sofa

You can build a cute sofa out of a pallet. All you need is to cut a pallet into two and then add plates and legs to keep the two pieces together and stability of your furniture. After that, you add some cushions on your sofa for comfort. Now it is ready to use. It’s an easy project where you can have additional comfortable seating in your living room for relaxation.

5. Wooden Pallet Day-Bed

If you want an extra bed in your house, you can make one out of a wooden pallet. It is easy to use and cheaper. You can use the wooden shipping pallets to create a comfortable and durable daybed. However, it is more enjoyed by children. Just stack the wooden pallets on each other and secure them tightly. Then, add some comfortable mattress on the top.

6. Reading Nook Pallet

Are you a book lover? Or do your kids like to have a quiet place of their own? You can build a reading nook out of a wooden pallet. You need two pallets and some power tools. Cut the pallet according to the shape you want and reinforce them together. Add some back structure for durability, cushion for comfort and pillows.

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