It’s 2019! You are maybe looking for some interior design tips because you are planning on changing the decoration of your house. It can be a huge project every detail and design should be meticulously chosen. Decorating and designing do not have rules to follow or formula. But you need to learn in order to develop the skill.

To start with your quest, here are some interior decorating tips that you should learn first.


1. Functional Layout

The first thing you need to learn about interior design is the functional layout. To practice, you can look for online tools on layout and designing rooms. This software can help you design a room with the measurement, furniture, layout, and then play around. Through this, you can learn from your mistakes, so why not try the virtual design first rather than doing it immediately. The job of removing the furniture around and then repeating the process if you don’t like the style can be tiring. The function of your home depends on the lifestyle you have. If you are not always at home, expensive decor and pieces can be a good investment. But if your home is always bustling with people, you may design a floor plan that can numerous of practical furniture. Consider the people living inside and then choose the right design using the tool to help achieve the layout you want.

2.Invest In Seating

Most interior designers will tell you that if you buy expensive decor and furniture, it would be wise to invest in a good sofa. However, choosing a sofa for your living room can be overwhelming. There is a color to choose from, the size, and the fabric. It can be hard to answer the question “What makes a good sofa?” You can read articles to give you insightful advice when it comes to buying the best quality sofa. You can also visit some showrooms as part of your initial search to have some options that suit your taste. Moreover, you can take down a list of the things you like so you can decide which one you like.

3.Adding Decoration for Interior Design

Some may say that adding decoration that has no use seems absurd. Why would you invest in something that is not useful? It is because adding a decoration adds a statement to your house. It’s appealing to the eyes that you may not see right away. But through trying a few things out and correcting the decoration, you can see in the end the best result. If you are not sure what you are doing, you can always browse some magazines and showroom to get some ideas.

4.Don’t Forget the Go Green

Sometimes plants are often neglected to remember. This is a big mistake when you are designing your home. You may think that you have completed the decoration, sofa, choosing the color and everything. But without plants, you are missing something out. Plants can add warmth to a room and it can be a good way to add some potted plant on the corner.

5.Splash a Few Black for Interior Design

It actually works. Every interior design should add at least a few blacks on their design. It can add some character and depth on other colors. You can put some wooden frame or any black graphic prints on the curtain. It does not matter where as long as you add it somewhere.

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