Like choosing the best shade sail for patio It is a hard task trying to pick out the perfect patio doors. There are such a variety of styles and types offered that consumers often have a hard time finding the perfect patio doors. When searching you need to narrow it down based on what you desire and the price you are willing to spend on the doors.

Finding The Perfect Patio Doors

Patio doors come in different styles and can be prefabricated or custom made. They can be sliding doors, French doors, center swing doors and entry system doors. The majority of French doors and sliding doors are prefabricated; however, you can customize French doors if desired. The entry system doors and center swing doors are generally customized however there are some prefabricated ones available for purchase.

Sliding glass patio doors

The cheapest type of door on the market is going to be the sliding glass doors. These doors are what many people chose because of the price. They look good but are not always the most practical type of door. Sliding glass doors wear out quicker and easier than other types of swing doors. The wear on these doors can cause them to become less air tight and lend themselves to leakage and not to mention problems closing, opening and locking. In the long run, sliding glass doors are probably the worse doors to use.

French doors

French doors on the other hand are durable and aesthetically pleasing. These doors are hinged and therefore can withstand a lot more usage than the sliding glass door. Most French doors allow for visual ability since they are constructed with glass panels; however it is possible to get them as solid doors also. French doors make great patio doors. They are durable and encased allowing them to maintain their ability to prevent air and water from entering. The only thing you may have to replace is weather stripping, which can sometimes dry rot over time. All in all, French doors are probably your best bet for being practical and cost effective.

Center swing doors

The center swing doors are more for inside use. They are used more for closets or privacy doors. These doors can be custom made but can also come prefabricated. They are hinged in the center making them not good for exterior doors. They are not durable or made to prevent leakage. Generally speaking these would not make good patio doors because they are not practical or durable nor do they allow for visibility.

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Entry system doors

Entry system doors are the way to go if you do not mind spending a lot of money. These doors are perfect and can be custom made to fit your specifications. You can also add extras like transoms and sidelights. These doors are constructed to weather the elements and prevent seepage. Entry system doors come in a variety of types and styles so if you have the money to spend and are not in a great hurry go this route. You can find prefabricated entry system doors but the most desirable are the custom made.

There are definitely options when it comes to purchasing patio doors. The main thing to consider is construction, durability and practicality. There are doors that look good but just are not practical. You want to get the best door at a reasonable price. When choosing a door for something such as a patio, you are also going to want something that allows visual mobility opposed to something that is solid.

The bottom line

You need to decide what you are willing to spend and which will most fit you needs. Most people chose the most practical and affordable French doors while others that do not care about cost chose the custom made entry doors. When deciding be sure to look at these since they are the top choices for most. Remember if you go for the cheapest right now it may end up costing you more in the long run and you will probably end up having to replace them at some point. Weigh all you options and choose wisely, this is your home and others will be privy to your decisions.

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