One good way to make your home the talk of the neighborhood is by painting your exterior with a beautiful scheme. But make sure you are familiar with the law and regulation of your street if you have. There are homeowner associations that dictate the exterior painting of the house. If none, then it can be a perfect thing since you are going to choose your own way. To get started, here are some tips on how to have exterior painting ideas

1. Plan your exterior painting.

There are many things that you have to consider. There are tiles, pathways and driveways to consider. So you need to think about the selection of exterior colors you are going to use. Are you going to use warm colors or cool? Consider picking a paint that will harmoniously complement with the other colors outside your house.

2. Consider the architectural design of your property.

Your exterior painting should be appropriate to the style of your place. Many paint manufacturers will offer a wide selection of colors and palettes for you to choose from. You can consult a professional who is an expert in this area regarding the color best for your architectural design. You do not need to follow the guidelines of the color code in the history but make sure you pick colors that are pleasing to look and complement your home.

3. Imagine what visual effect you like.

Look around the surroundings of your property. What are the relationship of your house to the street and its landscape? Is it based on a cluttered area? Does it have many towering trees? What color you choose will be based on your surroundings too. Make sure the color makes your house stand out in your environment.

4. You can choose three to four shades.

Exterior painting ideas have three major parts, the field color, accent color and the trim color. The field color is the color that dominates, the accent is which will be colored in shutters, doors and small areas and lastly, the trim is used for window, the door frame, roof edge and railings. It is ideal that the trim color should contrast with the field color. If your field color is dark, then the trim should be in the white or lighter shade. Light color can be stunning when paired with dark color. It can be an eyeliner of your house that brings the dramatic effect of the architecture. Feel free to mix and match colors but do not go overboard. Some major paint brands will offer selected color palettes for you to choose from if you are not confident in choosing the color. It can help you find the perfect combination of your home.

5. Don’t just rely on paint chips.

Exterior painting ideas also vary from the way they appear on the chip. It is not just painting your room because it involves a bigger task and getting to know first should be done.