Looking to decorate the exterior of your home, but don’t know where to start? We bet you didn’t know such a thing as exterior styles and design existed, much like interior design has different effects when it comes to adding styles to the inside of your home. in this post we will discuss the Exterior Home Decorating Styles

You know there’s different-looking types of homes, but what are the various styles and how do you go about decorating your home creatively on the outside? Even though plants, flowers, and trees are fun to choose from and create a garden for your home, what else is there?

Different Home Décor Styles

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, understanding different styles of homes will allow you even to make a better decision and guide you as to which homes would be the best for you, especially if you’d like to decorate it yourself, modernize it, or making it more interesting.

  • Cape Cod Style

If you’re looking for a home that has a Cape Cod Style, you should find one that has granite walls, along with different shades of grey when it comes to the roof, walls, and palettes in your garden and of course, a splash of bright-coloured flowers, stones or perhaps even a bench in your garden. It will add an incredibly natural charm to your home. Adding lantern-styled lights to your home is another way you add to this beautiful exterior style.

Only looking for a home for two or perhaps have a small family? Well, choosing to live in a little, yet charming cottage might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Even if you have a family, purchasing a bigger home is not for everyone. What’s more is, an eclectic cottage will also make your home feel more “homey”, which is perfect for a married couple, either newlyweds or retired couples. This type of styled home is precisely what you’re looking for and the brighter, the better. Plus, it also comes with a white picket fence.

  • A Calming, Simplistic Home

If you’ve ever thought about getting a home with a porch, then this is the perfect type of home just for you. Complete with landscaping and the greenest of lawns and shrubs, this garden requires you to stay on top of things outdoors. With tons of space outside, you can get creative with a brick path, French doors, exterior and comfortable dining set outside, and even some pillows.

  • Welcoming Appeal

Looking to turn your home into a “homey” home? Well, get started by painting your window shutters white and adding some creative element of pattern design int the paint of your home. Paired You can also add a bench or a couple of rocking chairs to your porch or your grass, to make it feel extra welcoming just by looking at it. Oh, and make sure your lawn is on point.