If you feel tired, your bedroom is the first place you want to go. On a lazy, rainy day people tend to stay longer in bed. It is an intimate space where you have your own safe haven and personal escape from the outside world. So, it is important to add a personal touch to your personal space where you can express your feelings, choose your favorite color and collections. But how? Here are some tips if you are decorating your bedroom.

bedroom decor tips

1. Choose a mild color. Instead of picking a bold primary color, it might be best to choose something good in the eyes and restful color tome. If you want serene and calm, most will choose a gentle shade of blue, green or lavender.

if you want comfort and coziness there are rich jewel-toned shades. This will include topaz, deep pomegranate or toasty brown. You can also use toned down version of your favorite color. There are many hues you can find ideal for bedroom color. It might help when you ask for color pallette in paint shops. You can select a color from their pallets.

2. Don’t forget the ceiling. Your ceiling is the fifth wall of your house. When you lay down on your bed, you usually look up and do you want to see blank surface? You can paint your ceiling with a lighter shade of color than your wall. it will help you give a space where you feel comfortable within your intimate space.

Another is adding an architectural element on your ceiling by wallpaper or stencil. You can also use decorative paint treatment, moldings or beams. There are also chandelier to choose from if you want to bring color, texture or pattern to your fifth wall. There are many ideas you can choose for your ceiling, if you don’t have one, you can research over the internet.

3. Keep your intimate space simple. Your bedroom should be cozy, warm, elegant and simple no matter what style you choose. For you to have enough space, you can leave three feet space between the bed and the wall or any furniture you have. It will give you ample space to move around. Just think of how you can move around with your bed and your furniture inside your bedroom.

You can at least have one or two tables inside and a chair. Don’t overdo or it will just clutter. Accessories should be kept as minimal as possible but choose a beautiful piece of art to decorate.

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4. Choose the right size of accessories. When you are going to buy things for your bedroom, make sure you have the floor plan and measurement of the space. The furniture you will buy should fit the room. Don’t choose a large or heavy bed, table or dresser for a small space.

If your ceiling is high, having a tall headboard will help it bring down to size. If you have a big space bedroom, you can choose appropriate sizes of furniture. You can add a chair and ottoman at the end of your bed.

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