When it comes to exterior house paint or exterior paint colors, there are a lot of choices to make. Painting brick isn’t usually a common topic for a first-time homeowner, having a great brick exterior will surely keep many heads turning to your home. If painted correctly, nicely painted brick houses can also add your home’s curb appeal to your house exterior.

Here are five exterior painted brick house paint ideas to get you started.

The Basic Look for a Brick House

One of the most important factors to consider when painting a brick exterior for a basic look is to not make it flashy. You want to make sure that your brick exterior is as professional as possible and that your finished brick exterior doesn’t look like it was done by an amateur.

For a traditional-looking exterior brick home, you can use a color that’s popular with a brick home. Many people prefer dark colors on painted brick houses because they add character and depth to the facade.

You can use a light color on your exterior brick if you want something that will blend in with other buildings in your community or park.

If you’re painting brick exteriors and you want them to last for years, consider using durable paint brick that won’t chip or peel over time.

Painting Brick House with Neutral Colors

One option is to paint your brick home in a neutral color. It is an intentional design choice for a lot of people. Painting exterior brick with neutral colors will help provide it with a classic look that is never going out of style. You can choose a color that is complementary to your home’s decor or one that is unique to your house. This will help you get an overall look that is consistent with all of your other house exterior materials.

Paint brick house with white paint

Painting brick with white paint will never go out of style. This color will help to stand out from the rest of your home and make your house look more professional. If painted properly, a white brick would look perfect for a ranch-style home. While unpainted brick looks good, adding white to unpainted brick can make it look fresh to the eyes.

You can also add a few other colors to your mix, depending on what you feel is best for your unpainted brick home. For example, you could add some colors for the exterior brick home that matches the outdoor items you have outside your brick house.

Pure white color in painting your brick is also another way of adding value to your home. Most of the time, an exterior painted in pure white is most attractive to a lot of buyers.

Paint your brick with custom colors

Painting exterior brick doesn’t have to be boring at all. If you want to be more adventurous about painting exterior brick, you can do custom colors that you prefer. However, be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, as a homeowner, you will regret it later on. If you really want this route, make sure to hire a professional painting company to do the paint job.

Rusty Brick Paint Color

Rusty bricks maybe your favorite color to paint and will never go out of style. Painting exterior brick with a rust color or a dark color will give it a vintage look, which is good for those who want to make their house look older than it is. This is especially true for castles or old houses and you want to improve their curb appeal. Painted brick homes can add value to older homes so if you want to keep the ‘old brick’ look, but more improved, this is a good option for you.

Tips for a successful painted brick house project

Painting your brick house needs careful consideration. If you are planning a painted brick house soon, here are some tips you should consider.

Use mineral-based paint.

Whether you are going for a white brick or another paint color, consider this. This is better than acrylic-based paint because it’s more durable and prevents damaged brick. This also protects the brick from seasonal weather or other seasonal weather changes.

Try pressure washing the brick before painting.

This is to ensure everything is clean before getting started. Make sure to keep it dry after though to prevent trapped moisture.

Paint your brick with two coats.

This is especially true if you are painting the house with white color. Painted brick will look better and it will pop out.


A painted brick house is a dream of many homeowners. If you want a painted brick house to increase curb appeal or simply to see another paint color for your house, make sure to choose the paints well.

There are many things you can do with a painted brick house, but the basic look should be one of neutrality. Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you have the work done by a trusted professional painting company.

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